Hog Roast catering in South Wales

Our hog roasts are cooked in the latest hog roast machine supplied by tasty hogs.  The pigs are free range based in Abergavenny. We either provide a full pig or a dressed hind. For hog roasts for 40-60 people we will cook a combination of pork loin and shoulder joints.

No hidden fees, price includes rolls, apple sauce, stuffing, gazebo and staff.

Self Serve Option

40-60 people                             Loin & Shoulder joints                     £300-£320

80- 150 people                          Whole pig                                         £410- £525

With Chef / Carver

50-99 people                            £8.00 pp

100+ people                              £7.50 pp


Jacket Potatoes:

£2.50 per person incl butter

Extras: £2.00 per person

  • Coleslaw
  • Tomato and red onion salad
  • Mixed leaf salad
  • Homemade slaw

Disposable polystyrene plates and cutlery:


Recyclable bowls and wooden cutlery

£1.00 per person

China plates and stainless steel cutlery:

£2.50 per person